Better Late than Never

So, 6.5 months after my last post I’m back, and I’ve actually finished a squad of Thousand Sons legionaries. That’s the first full squad of anything I’ve painted in about 10 years.

So, without further ado, the first 10 Tactical Marines of Magnus’ little family *cue drum roll*

My OCD is telling me I need to do better next time. I want to make the golds pop a bit better, and the red needs some silver highlighting on the edges, plus I need to put the tactical squad markings on the right shoulder, but still, it’s a start.

Next up will a Volkite Caliver equipped Tactical Support Squad. The Heresy era rhino they’ll ride in is assembled and basecoated, but I need an airbrush to layer the Angron Red on it – bristle brushes don’t cut it without making an ungodly mess.

Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Hey SoT,

    Good looking TACs there. I’m getting ready to build and paint my 30K TS models, and was wondering which colors you’ve used when painting your models.




    1. Hey Milan. I use Citadel paints exclusively as I find Vallejo or Tamiya too difficult to get regularly. Thr marines were all painted with a bristle brush.
      The red is prime black, basecoat with Leadbelcher, highlight with Stormhost Silver (you can use Runefang though). Then I apply three coats of Forgeworld’s Angron Red, which is a translucent paint. First coat always looks terrible. Second better, and the third is the good coat. Haven’t done it with these, but intend to edge highlight the red with Runefang for the next batch.


  2. Hey, with Burning of Prospero coming out soon I’ve been tossing up whether or not to go with a Metallic or Ceramic scheme for it, came across your blog in my research. I saw in one of your earlier posts that you were not planning on using an airbrush technique, which is currently the same thing weighing against the metallic red for me (airbrushes are expensive), in relation to that how difficult did you find the red to replicate without airbrushing?


    1. Hi Kieran, Infantry models aren’t a problem. 3 Coats of clear red applied by bristle brush is enough to smooth out any inconsistencies. Plus the surfaces are small/rounded enough that it looks good. Flat vehicle surfaces aren’t good by hand – tried that on a rhino and am going to have to strip it. Inbetween models, like Contemptors? Not sure yet. Will be trying shortly on that one. I’m either going to have to get an airbrush myself or beg friends with them to apply clear red for me. All told, ceramic will be easier to apply than metallic…but I *really* love the metallic!


      1. Thanks for the reply. I might try my hand at brush painting for my initial squads and wait until I’ve got some vehicles before I get a hold of an airbrush. Hope the Contemptor goes well!


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