Two weeks at my parents have meant that I’ve done precious little hobby work (seeing Deadpool doesn’t count). So the Sons of Magnus are no further forward painting wise than they were a fortnight ago.

But I haven’t been completely idle. Instead I’ve managed to get a few bits together to provide reinforcements for the Sons. First up is this chap:



An (as yet) unnamed Contemptor Dreadnought for the Fifteenth Legion, equipped with Contemptor Power Fist CCW, Conversion Beamer and Twin Linked Bolters. The first Contemptor in my planned Talon, he’ll do until the Thousand Sons Legion Contemptor chassis is released later in the year.

I’ve also bought another Betrayal at Calth Veteran Tactical Squad. Combined with my existing Thousand Sons heads and torsos that should give me 7 more marines that I can use to start my Tactical Support Squad with Volkite Culverins. This unit will also have a Deimos Pattern Rhino to ferry it around (seeing as Culverins are Heavy Weapons). Again, I have all the bits for this lot, but they need preparing and assembling. I’ll also have three marines left over after. I’ll either keep them in the bitz box for when I get another set of TS upgrade sets and add them to the Support Squad, or I’ll play around with them for a Blackshields force (Tempted to do a loyalist detachment from the first traitor legions – Vive la Luna Wolves, Dusk Raiders and War Hounds!)

The last piece of the puzzle for the time being is a backpack for Orthraxes. I ummed and aahhed over what to go for. A normal backpack? Too dull for a senior legion officer. An eagle-headed pack from the 40K SM Commander box? Too aquiline. Then I turned attention to the Dark Angels and their character backpacks. Although Azrael was an early front runner, I eventually came down in favour of the plastic Interrogator-Chaplain. His pack can be seen here:


Ornate Skull vents? Check. Wafting Incense burner on top? Check. Reliquary type closing? Check. Annoying Dark Angel Chapter Symbol to be delicately filed off? Check. So I blew £18 on the Interrogator-Chaplain just to get a backpack. Yes, I know. I need psychiatric help. Maybe I can recoup some of the money by flogging Mr Crozius Power Fist (stupid combination) on eBay or something.

Hopefully the next blog entry will be less dithering by me and more painting of models!


Professor XV and his XV Men

Although my painting has been a little slower than I liked (and will go in hiatus for the next fortnight), I haven’t completely given up on the hobby front.

I’ve got two tactical squads being painted (giving me my two compulsory Troops choices), but I’m also going to need a HQ choice.

Enter this chap:

Azashah “The Unschooled” Orthraxes; Prosperine Legate to Terra, Tribune Senioris of the Corvidae.

In game terms he’s a Librarian Consul equipped with Artificer Armour and a Force Weapon. He’s mostly made from the 40K Space Marine Sternguard and Grey Knight kits, with a staff topped by a WFB Empire Wizard finial.

There’s one major problem with using the Sternguard kit – there are several Imperial Aquilae on the armour. Hence why I’ve given him a background as being a Legion representative on Terra before Nikaea (well, if Garro can have Aquilae why can’t I?).

Until yesterday I was stuck for inspiration on what shoulderpads to give him. When I saw the Achaen Pattern shoulders I knew immediately they were what I would use.

It’s not very clear from this photo, but these shoulderpads have a slightly more ornate trim around the edges, reminiscent of the post-Heresy Chaos Space Marine Thousand Sons.

Orthraxes isn’t going to be painted anytine soon I have to admit, but that’s fine as it gives time for the Achaen Pattern shoulders to be released.

PS: My next post won’t be for a week or two. Hopefully I’ll have something to update the blog with by then.

Forgeworld: Where bank balances go to die

Day 2 of the Horus Heresy Weekender was light on Thousand Sons pictures, but we did get some info on Book VII: Inferno.

According to most sources (and I’m drawing primarily on Battle Bunnies here), Inferno will see Sons, Wolves, Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Legio Cybernetica, Arkhadian Mechanicum and Prospero Spireguard.

That sound you just heard was my debit card expiring from despair.

No word on what the Achaen Pattern armour is about, but it was apparently stated that the Sons wouldn’t go in for attritional warfare – there would be fewer of them and they will have options to psyker-ise them. Hooray!

The Forgeworld of Arkhadia is a Sons-allied Mechanicum stronghold that worked with Magnus. Psychic weaponry anyone?

Finally, the Prospero Spireguard. These are the nomal human PDF/Imperial Army regiments raised on Prospero that serve alongside the Astartes of the XVth Legion.

The one glimmer of hope for my bank balance is that although the Spireguard will get rules, they may not get models – instead being like the Solar Auxilia. Not sure whether that makes me feel good or bad (my wallet is certainly recovering from its earlier coronary). 

Book VII should be out by the end of 2016; presumably we’ll see some of the models in the second half of this year as well. Fingers crossed!

Just Take My Money Forgeworld!

AKA: Do you accept kidneys as payment in kind?

This post was meant to be “All that Glisters…” but my painting schedule’s been knocked behind (duvet day) and the interwebs are full of Horus Heresy-related resin rectitude

This weekend is the Horus Heresy Weekender where Forgeworld is coming up with yet more ways to lighten my wallet. Although there’s a lot of good stuff for HH armies being shown off (Mastodon, Stormbird, Mechanicum etc) it’ll come as no surprise that I’ve been eagerly devouring any Thousand Sons related information.

Up first, we have the XVth Legion Contemptor chassis (credit to @imperial_truth on twitter):


Despite being nicknamed “Dreadnought Bunny Ears” on balance I like it. The lighting could be better (it looks like a metallic red paint scheme but difficult to tell). I doubt I’ll use the white edging on the shoulder pads and headdress. Although the weapon fit is spot on for my plans (Twin Linked Volkite Culverin and Dreadnought CCW) I plan for my Volkite weapons to have a blue or green glow on their power coils, which should make for a good spot colour, contrasting with the red and gold.

Although the Sons don’t appear to be in the first wave, FW are doing legion-specific shoulders for the Betrayal at Calth Cataphractii teminators. Also displayed were some new heads and shoulder pads for MkIV power armour – called “Thousand Sons Achaen Armour”. The heads aren’t radically different to the current upgrade packs, but the shoulder pads have more ornate rims and also have a right hand shoulder with a scarab design. The Achaen shoulders seem to be the perfect fit for something I’d been pondering the past week…stay tuned for an update on that!

Painting the Town Red pt 2

(AKA: Sixty Shades of Red)

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last week. The delay was caused by the sheer mind numbing thought of having to paint the equivalent of 60 models in Angron Red. Yes, SIXTY!

But Stuart, I hear you say, you’re only painting a couple of 10-man Tactical Squads. Which is true. But I have to paint each model with three layers of Angron Red to get the scarlet hue I want. And although it’s the best way to paint Angron Red, and one of the most efficient ways of panting full stop, I abhor batch painting. So it’s taken me a while to work myself up to it. Anyone who’s ploughed through the dolorous torment of E.L. James’ magnum opus will understand my reference to the Sixty Shades of Red above

Anyhow, enough griping. All 20 models are now covered with three layers of Angron Red and I can start picking out detail. Below is a side by side shot of how the models look after 1, 2 and 3 coats of Angron Red – I think they come out quite well after the third coat:


Next Up: All that Glisters…